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I imagine that to most professional Website Designers, seeing the ‘Build Your Own Website’ adverts from Wix, Squarespace and the like is the equivalent of hearing nails running down a blackboard. These adverts have become so omnipresent now that it runs the risk of devaluing a practice that individuals like myself have dedicated many years to mastering. That is not to say that I am not prepared for competition from the large corporations, as this is a common occurrence across many industries.

If I was to deconstruct the advertising; – yes, YOU CAN build a website yourself utilising one of these website builders, some of which work better than others. However, if you decide to take this option, you will be missing some essential features and services that are generally only provided by professional website designers and developers. Just like anybody can fix their own car given the right tools and by following a set of instructions, unless you are an expert, it’s generally best practice to leave it to the professionals.

My 10 years experience in designing and developing websites includes skills in CSS/HTML5 coding, PHP and Javascript knowledge. I have developed websites for all different types of industries, from independent creative practitioners to large manufacturers in the UK and abroad. Almost every day presents a new challenge and a new skill for me to learn. Personally, I feel that all this experience is invaluable and cannot be easily replicated by an online website builder.

I pride myself on providing high levels of personal service, tailored specifically to each individual client. The vast majority of my website developments are constructed utilising the WordPress content management system. This is currently the most widespread CMS in use for websites globally. On completion of a website I will provide detailed instructions, either by in a face-to-face meeting , by video call or email, to enable my clients to update and edit sections of the website should they desire.

WordPress is an open-source platform that is ubiquitous across the web. This means that it is being constantly updated with new features to enhance functionality and provide essential up-to-date security. Additionally, the intuitive technology is familiar to many website experts and consequently sites can maintained and updated with ease. This is in contrast to the CMS software used by website builders which is specific to each company, lacks familiarity with the same number of developers and may be limited in the features provided by WordPress and it’s vast array of available software plugins.

Having not used any website builders myself, for obvious reasons, I cannot comment on the level of after-care, technical support and maintenance provided by these website builder corporations. However, I have experience of clients approaching me to address issues that have arisen on the software or just requested that entire sites be reconstructed on WordPress for a more professional outcome. As the primary point of contact between myself and my creative clients, I pride myself on a high level of customer service, fast response times and having an approachable, friendly manner. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information or to enquire about my web design projects and ongoing maintenance contracts

In summary – website builders may work for certain individuals if they have the creative skills and knowledge to be able to represent their business in website format. However for best results and long-term gains and security, I would always recommend consulting an expert website designer and developer.

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