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A little bit about Rory

My name’s Rory and I am a professional Freelance Web Designer and Developer based in Leeds. I graduated with a 2:1 BSc in Multimedia Technology and Music Production back in 2007. From then on I enhanced my skills and continued to develop my website portfolio whilst working for Sony in digital sales. In 2012, due to the positive feedback I was getting about the quality of my web design work, I decided to start my own Website Design Company.

Why Choose Me?

I’ve worked with many companies over the years, from small local businesses to large multinationals. Primarily my clients are from the Leeds and Yorkshire area but I also regularly work with businesses in London and the South of England and occasionally companies based in the US and Europe. Recent projects have involved work for clients as far afield as New York, Illinois, London and South West Germany.

I work as an individual with a small development team that I can call upon for larger projects. This means I can address all aspects of Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing and Logo Design and Branding.

Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, Mysql

Experience: Web Design and Development, E-Commerce, Graphic Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Networking and Promotion.

My other main interests include electronic music as a DJ, producer, events organiser and occasional music journalist. You can check out my sounds here

I am also an artist and writer, certain passions that I developed over the Covid lockdowns. You can find and purchase some of my work on my other website.

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Rory Flynn