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Once you have your website online it is essential that people can find it!

Rory Flynn Web Design provides internet marketing services to help your website realise it’s full potential and reach more customers. These services can be delivered as a standalone package or incorporated into a website design and development package. Depending on your requirements, Internet Marketing can be delivered as a one-off service or as an ongoing monthly or bi-monthly package. For more information and a free, no-obligation quote please contact me here or call 07801 568133

There are several different ways of promoting and marketing your website online. Some are more effective and essential than others. For best results I recommend focussing on 3 key areas – Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and E-mail Marketing.

Below is an overview of each-

SEO Services in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Internet Search Engines have become integral to how people locate the products and services that they require.

Optimising websites to appear near the top of search rankings has become a multi-million pound industry. According to statistics from 2015 Google has a 90%+ share of internet search rankings with Yahoo and Bing only achieving a small minority percentage of searches.

Google Logo

How do search engines rank websites?

This is an essential consideration when developing or optimising any website. The answer is that a combination of many factors are taken into account. When a search engine ‘robot’ reads a website it uses a combination of complex algorithms to assess important factors relating to the usability, relevance and speed of a website. The new Google algorithms place increased importance on websites being mobile-friendly and will now down rank sites that respond poorly to different screen sizes. Therefore a responsive website is essential and all of my websites are now constructed in this way.

Although the exact ways in which the search engine algorithms work is never revealed Google provide many guidelines for optimising a website to fit their specifications.

I have studied these recommendations in detail and constantly keep informed with any changes to search engine ranking systems. Therefore I am able to provide services to optimise your website for search engines.

All new websites that I construct include basic initial SEO within the package. However as search engines are constantly refreshed and new websites are developed by competitors I recommend working on SEO on a consistent basis. I can therefore provide monthly or bi-monthly packages, please message me or Call 07801 568133 for more details.

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Social Media Marketing Services

Promote your business and target potential customers through social media

Social media has completely transformed the world we live in, making it possible to contact and share experiences with anyone in the world at any time. From a business perspective this makes it possible to target potential customers and promote your products and services.

If you have pre-existing social media channels I can connect these to your new website and display them in intuitive ways. This might take the form of Twitter and Instagram feeds or YouTube videos which can display content directly on the site.

Google AdsGoogle Adwords Campaign Management

Paid advertising that guarantees you will appear at the top of search-engine listings.

Google Adwords is a paid-for service that allows you to place advert links to your website in the Google search engine rankings. The Adwords service is charged on a pay-per-click service so every time a user clicks on an advert the Adwords administrator is charged. The price varies depending on a few factors including the popularity of search terms (keywords), levels of competition and the time of day that the search is performed.

As with many factors related to SEO and online advertising the management of an Adwords campaign is a complex operation which involves selecting multiple keywords and setting budgets accordingly. Rory Flynn Web Design has experience in running campaigns for large companies and can manage your campaign to gain the best results.

Prices start from £100/month for the campaign management plus your Adwords budget (recommended £200 + per month). This can be arranged on a rollin month-to-month contract or for a longer terms if you prefer. Detailed analytics will be provided through the course of the campaign.

Please get in touch for more details and a free quote.