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Terms and Conditions

These are the legally binding terms that must be agreed between Rory Flynn Web Design and a client before commencing any project.

1 : Payment

1.1 : Unique Website Designs

Unless otherwise agreed, a deposit of one half of the total fee will be payable upon your acceptance of a quotation for the design of a website.
The deposit will be non–refundable, except in the very unlikely event of Rory Flynn Web Design being unable to create your website (which has never happened).

Payment of a deposit will signify your intention for me to undertake the proposed website development as discussed. Any changes that entail substantial extra work above the proposed development will require a new quotation and either the payment of another deposit or the payment of an hourly fee.

The remainder of the fee will be payable upon your acceptance of the finished website. This will be demonstrated on a testing server as a fully working example. Once the final fee has been paid the website will be uploaded to the designated hosting server – ‘made live’.

1.2 : Template Designs
A 50% deposit will be payable in advance.

1.3: Updating a Website
Unless otherwise agreed, the full fee will be payable upon your acceptance of a quotation for updating a website.

1.4: Web Hosting
If required the full annual fee will be payable in advance. Fees will not be refunded.

2: Links

Rory Flynn Web Design reserves the right to include an unobtrusive link on each page of your website, normally in the footer (the area just below the main content), to this website. To see how unobtrusive these links are, visit the websites featured on my Portfolio page.
In return, I will be happy to include a link on this website to your website, if you wish.

3: Copyright and Ownership

3.1: Design
Copyright in the design of your website will be transferred to your company on receipt of final payment. Unless specifically agreed, any design I produce is licensed for one named website project only.

3.2: Material Supplied by You
Everything which you supply to me for inclusion in your website must be free from any claim by a third party. That is, each image, item of text, audio file, video clip, or any other material must be your property, or you must have obtained the consent of the owner of the material. It is your responsibility to obtain any such consent.

Rory Flynn Web Design will not be held liable for any unwitting breaches of copyright.

You should be aware that it is very easy to copy images and other material from websites. Although the risk of unauthorised use of your material is small, you should be wary of using sensitive or valuable material in your website. Rory Flynn Web Design can accept no responsibility for any unauthorised use by visitors to your website of material supplied by you.

3.3: Material Supplied by Third Parties

All images, software and other material that is incorporated into your website and obtained by Rory Flynn Web Design from third–party sources will remain the property of their original owners. Any fees for the use of such material will be included in the quotation for your website.

4: Domain Names

Domain names are registered for 12 months at a time, in accordance with the policies of the two central organisations that administer them. When their registration period has expired, domain names become available for anyone else to register. It is therefore important that they are renewed promptly.

Holders of domain names registered by Rory Flynn Web Design will be reminded to instruct me to renew the registration in advance of the expiry date. Rory Flynn Web Design will not be held responsible for any consequences of the holder’s failure to instruct us to renew it promptly.
You may transfer domain names registered by us to another provider at the end of the current registration period, if you wish. This service is offered free of charge.

5 : Care of Material

While every care will be taken of physical material supplied by you, I cannot guarantee that accidental damage will not occur, either in our custody or in the post. For this reason, I would strongly advise that electronic copies of material such as text and images should be supplied wherever possible.

6: Website Quality

6.1: Web Standards and Web Browsers

I guarantee that my websites will abide by web standards, and that my websites will therefore be rendered correctly by all modern browsers which comply with those standards. You should be aware that “correctly” does not mean “identically”. Web browsers, computer monitors, and other variable factors may affect a website’s appearance.

Obsolete browsers such as internet explorer 6 are not covered under these terms. This is because they lack the necessary capabilities to display modern website features. Therefore I cannot guarantee the functionality of new websites will be identical on obsolete browsers..

6.2: Accessibility and Usability

Because all Rory Flynn Web Design websites are intended to be as accessible and usable as possible; because of legal requirements; and because of professional pride, there are certain features that I will not include in any website:

Flashing or blinking elements. These gimmicks can be dangerous to visitors with certain types of epilepsy and are annoying to almost everyone.

JavaScript will not be used in a way that hides important information from those without JavaScript.

7: Illegal Activity

7.1: Content Management Systems

Access to a content management system will allow you to add written and pictorial material to your website. You are responsible for any material added to your website via your account. The posting of illegal material will lead to the website being permanently deleted. Refunds will not be given.

8: Changing Your Mind

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, any quotation for the design of a website is for one design, to be used on one named website project only.

I recognise that customers can sometimes change their minds about their requirements. I will do my best to accommodate any reasonable demands, and I am normally happy to make a small number of minor alterations free of charge. Changes that require substantial extra work will incur an extra fee at my standard hourly rate.

Please contact me with any questions about these terms and conditions.